Moncler Grenoble Fait Froid

Moncler Grenoble

Moncler Grenoble Fait Froid…translation: Moncler Grenoble is cold! Yes, I mean that quite literally. The French brand spared no soul or bone as the audience watched its show outside at Lincoln Center last night in 12 degree weather– yes, 12 degrees (below 0 windchill; the coldest day of the season in NYC so far actually). Frigid and frantic in the freezing cold, the mood was skating on icy as some of the onlookers even drummed up a slight, humming of a ‘start the show’ type chant as the degrees dropped lower and lower. But when it began there was a show to be had. An orchestrated group of steppers, all dressed in blue Moncler garments performed a structured, precise and disciplined routine for about 10 minutes…the whole time I thought “I see you, Moncler- trying to show how much movement is to be had in your coats despite the bitter cold.”

But really, it was deeper than that. Just as the steppers stayed in unison, never breaking beat in order to perform selflessly, the audience remained glued to the tiles of the Lincoln Center Plaza, fighting the frostbite and painful air just to take in the newest collection from this esteemed brand. And I’m sure if anyone is like me (who admittedly had to run inside about 3/4 of the way through the show due to loss of feeling in my hands and a phone meltdown), while the outdoors show literally matched my mood,  so did the collection. I’d trust these furry, puffy parkas and pieces to hold me over at a fashion show like Moncler’s last night. But next time, maybe we can all get free cold-weather gear to hold us over in that frigid weather! 😉

February 14, 2016


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