ON Purpose: Dedicated to Every Woman

A Photo Series Exuding the Poise and Purpose of Black Girl Magic

ON purpose is a bubbly and empowering digital collage of photography and illustrations. I worked with photographer Mark Clennon and artist Lakiesha Herman to create a series of images that speaks to being a carefree, bright, bold and, most importantly, unapologetic woman. The project came about when photographer Mark Clennon and I met for the first time to have an open-ended photo-shoot in a hot, non-air conditioned Brooklyn studio with just a fan and a pink backdrop. Subsequently, Mark sent the images to Lakiesha who masterfully utilized design programs and her impressive illustrating skills to evolve the photos into a gorgeous digital collage.

As Mark so perfectly describes it:

This project is an examination of the joy and color of the black woman that glows in spite of the micro- and not so micro- aggressions from everyone, black men included. The lines Kiesh created burst out in the most visceral form of childlike joy that we all are chasing. It’s literal black girl magic.
 Despite being the subject of the photos, when I first saw how Kiesh transformed the images even I felt completely inspired by the colors and quotes she used. They evoke pure wonderment and radiance whilst maintaining my fierce attitude all the while.
This project permeates the airwaves with ‘black girl magic’ poise, while the matter-of-fact statements that accompany each image tell a story that all women are familiar with. The end result is impactful, fiery and 100% in your face on purpose.

Outfit Details

Dress and Shirt: Beacon’s Closet Thrift Store

Jacket: PAIGE Denim

Shoes: Thrift

Jewelry: My own

January 5, 2017


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