Meet Age of Reason Studios: The Scarves With a Cause

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Age of Reason Studios Scarves

When Age of Reason Studios contacted me about wearing one of their cashmere scarves, I felt like it was my lucky day. I mean, first of all, I’ve never owned anything cashmere. And more importantly, when I learned about the brand’s mission to empower women I was sold.
Then, when I received the actual scarf I fell in love with the design. It’s large and versatile enough for tons of uses. From wrapping my hair in a turban, to draping it around my shoulders or tying it around my neck, the possibilities are endless.
One of the biggest phrases that the brand stands by is, “I will never surrender.” This is something I can completely align with, whether it’s about chasing my dreams or simply being myself. I made a decision to never give up along that journey and I’m proud to work with a brand that encourages the same mentality.
age of reason studios, scarf, scarves

Age of Reason Studios scarf

I spoke with the designer Ali Taylor-Mapletoft about her seven-year-old company and what it means to her.
Eclectic Culture: In your words, what does your brand mean?
Age of Reason: “I’m on a mission to empower women to stand up and stand out, with a fierce style that never compromises. Delivering important messages about feminism and diversity and fostering a supportive, inspiring community.”
EC: What is the story behind the “I will never surrender,” message? 
AOR: “It means never giving up on yourself. It means standing up for what you believe in, and standing up for others too.” 
age of reason studios, scarf, scarves

An Age of Reason Studios scarf

EC: How do you recommend people style their scarves?
AOR: :“Just go with your instincts. Style it the way it makes you feel badass and beautiful. The beauty of scarves is that if the look isn’t working for you, you can change it in seconds. Starting with a triangle fold is a good base for thousands of scarf styles. YouTube is full of inspiration. We’ll be producing a scarf styling demo series after Christmas so look out for that!” 
EC: What are you most excited about in your current line of products?
AOR: “I’m so excited about the new silk scarves! We have empowering messages, a revolutionary scene of protesting women on a scarf, a leopard print theme- to name just a few things. And for the first time ever I’ve designed pillows to fit with the themes of the scarves. The lips pillow is my favourite, it symbolises women speaking up and having a powerful voice.”
You can shop the scarves plus amazing home products and more on their e-commerce site here.


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