The Blue City, Pt. 2

blue city

First Glimpse of Chefchaouen

As soon as I arrived in Chefchaouen I went to my hotel, Dar Mounir, with the help of a local guy who offered to take my bags. I needed that help because I was lugging a huge suitcase, one stuffed black duffle bag and a leather bowling bag as my shoulder bag full of cameras (Nikon and a L’omo instant) and overnight necessities. We walked up steps (notice a trend here…) and after just a few minutes were outside of Hotel Dar Mounir, it’s Moroccan style doors set wide open to drink in the sun and fresh air. I ended up tipping him 50 DH, despite our initial agreed upon 40 DH, which I still felt like was not enough for man-handling that heavy suitcase on an incline for 7-ish minutes.

Anass, the receptionist, greeted me at the door and was super laid-back. He gave me a warm welcome and helped me with my bags to the room, which was perfect, adorned in beautiful, Moroccan features: pointed door arches, stained glass windows and colorful tile flooring. I then relaxed for a few minutes, grateful to have made it, then jumped in the shower after that 13-hr journey, thirsty to feel like ‘me’ again and get out exploring. I touched base with Anass before leaving and ordered lunch at the hotel while I updated my blog. We chatted a bit while I waited for lunch and decided to meet up after he was off so he could show me around the town a bit. ‘Yay, a friend!,’ I thought…and a genuine one. In my 4 days in Marrakech I didn’t so instantly feel like I made a friend I could trust. Here, the vibe was completely different.

Before going off, I couldn’t help but to ask Anass if he could snap some pics for me and, as it turns out, he was a photography assistant for a recent magazine photo shoot in Chefchaouen so he did not mind helping out at all. Yes! I thought again…the pieces are falling into place. This city is just what I’ve been waiting for.

Style Details:

Dress: Zara; Shoes: Topshop; Necklace: Morocco

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    June 9, 2016

    You are a savvy traveller! I’ve seen and loved pictures oh the Blue City for years in National Geographics or travel books, but never did I think I’d get to see it up close and personal through the eyes of a former student! There really is something magic about it and I especially loved the hair color switch to blue. You could not have looked more in place. Looking forward to hearing about more adventures, Nia!

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      Nia G.

      June 9, 2016

      Wow, thank you so much! It truly is a magical place. And I’m so glad the blue worked out- it was my first time trying atomic turquoise 🙂 I look forward to sharing more.

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