Morocco: Style in the Blue Pearl

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No big story for this one…just more of the same. Chefchaouen’s beauty and a few friends =) I know one thing though, I’ll always laugh when I look back on this day. As my new friend, and photographer for the day, Anass and I walked around looking for cool, blue alleyways to shoot in we came across a young group of friends who were intrigued by our photoshoot. They tried to slyly follow, to keep getting glances and try to figure out what we were doing and why but they weren’t slick. Everytime Anass and I peered back at them they snickered and tried to turn away- kids lol. Right before we moved on from the blue alley, I turned around and snapped the three kiddos who I had dubbed, “les tres amigos,” before they could get away 😉

Style details:

Dress/Cape, Tank & Jeans: Zara

Shoes: H&M

Necklace: Morocco


June 2, 2016


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