Homecoming Season: A Time to Reminisce

Howard Homecoming 2014



It’s homecoming season! A special time, especially for us Howard alum, where we reminisce on the old college days, catch up with friends we have not seen in years, or maybe just days, p A r T y and have an all around ball because it’s that time of year. The nostalgia always hits me around this time and I laugh to myself, probably looking awkward on the train and at work, thinking about funny moments and stomach-crunching laughs from homecomings past. But unfortunately, I haven’t made it make it back in a couple of years…especially since some of the “Old Howard” traditions have changed, like Yardfest going away (that’s a long story but the good news is I hear it’s back this year). Today, I’ll just reflect on the enriching times that Howard homecoming, and Howard University, have provided especially thanks to my friends pictured and many more.


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