How to Make One Glam Eiffel Tower Photo Shoot (in just 3 Steps!)


The Eiffel Tower

2 friends (more, if desired)

2 fur coats

1 camera

3 cups of smiles

1 bushel of Confidence

Optional spices: black girl magic


Prep: 1 hr | Strut: 30 minutes | Serve immediately.


  1. In your friend’s apartment, pick out some dope outfits while jamming to old school music. Think sophisticated and chic, then add the 2 fur coats (if in season).
  2. Place the camera in your bag and make your way to the Eiffel Tower. Walk amongst the tourists with a bushel of confidence, then find your perfect spot.
  3. Take your 3 cups of smiles and pour gradually, mixing as necessary. Sprinkle black girl magic liberally.

Now, serve it!

Nicole’s Eiffel Tower Look

I raided Nicole’s closet and styled her in an all neutral look featuring a white skirt from Anthropologie, grey crop top, metallic booties (YSL) and grey fur coat similar to this look:

My Eiffel Tower Look

I’m wearing ripped jeans from Gap, a sequin top, choker, and white booties from Zara, and leopard fur coat. Shop for a similar outfit here:

Aside from cooking up an impromptu photoshoot, my friend Nicole and I also had a heart-to-heart that day. We chopped it up about work, family, love and everything in between and I shared with her my uncertainty about my path. She understood how that goes and then I told her how, regardless of feeling unsure sometimes, I know how blessed I was to be in Paris. It had been ten years since I first visited when I was about 16. And I remember coming to this exact spot at Trocadéro to shoot in front of the Eiffel Tower. I told her “you want to see an epic transformation Tuesday?” and proceeded to show her the picture below:

Her response, “girl, this picture right here should make you feel okay about everything!” hahaha. Gee, thanks. But seriously, she’s kind of right. Positive growth and transformation, on the outside and more importantly, inside, is what we are all working towards. I think I’m on track with that.




  1. Reply

    Sarah Newcomb

    February 9, 2017

    I love it! Love the concept of using the recipe! The photos are bomb and the happiness, style, strength, beauty, and passion thrives in each photo. I wish I were there to be your photographer! 🙂 Thanks for sharing Nia!!

    • Reply

      Nia G.

      February 10, 2017

      Aww, thank you Sarah! I know, that would’ve been awesome to have you there. I’m so glad you enjoyed and appreciate your continued support!

  2. Reply


    March 3, 2017

    This such a cute concept. I could have used it in Paris because I pictures are a hot mess.

    • Reply

      Nia G.

      March 5, 2017

      Haha thank you! And I’m sure yours were great.

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