All Black With a Splash of Pink in Paris

Paris- It’s Complicated

Paris was frigid this season. So frigid, in fact, that I rarely wanted to shoot. I rarely wanted to leave my warm, safe, unassuming, not-staring-me-down as I walk around Airbnb. Even if Paris was my favorite city in the world, strong emphasis on was. Maybe it still is, but let’s just take a cue from Facebook and say that now, “it’s complicated.” Regardless of my feelings, a short stint in the City of Lights was not meant to be used for hiding. Or, even for staying warm for that matter. It was for exploring, refreshing myself and connecting with others.

And with just an inkling of motivation some days, I still got up, got out, did something, saw something, or reached out to other creatives.

And that’s how I met Marie.


Tea at Le Fumoir

Marie is a sweet, native French girl who I discovered on Instagram in the search for local photographers in Paris. We met up at Marie’s suggestion of Le Fumoir, a posh cafe and tea salon very close to Musée du Louvre. The prices were, let’s say above-average for caffeinated drinks made with hot water, but the atmosphere was comfortable and relaxed. So much so, that I ended up back there for tea with another friend. I recommend the deliciously rich hot chocolate paired with the light and tasty orange cake (it’s even gluten-free).

Galerie Véro-Dodat

Enough about food. We moved on to the photos and Marie, with such a natural eye, had the idea to shoot at Galerie Véro-Dodat, a covered passageway with luxe boutiques in the 1st arrondissement. The regal backdrop was fit for a queen. Just saying. And the way her photos cast a vintage glow? Apparently, despite the frigid cold we still conjured up classic, Parisian charm.

Visit Marie’s website here


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