Every Woman Deserves A (Pink) Suit

I Have This Thing With Suits

I’ve envisioned a pink suit in my head for some time now. At least 1-2 years— no joke. Besides, if there were any fashion item from any era that I could have in my closet right now it would be the YSL Le Smoking Tuxedo Suit. I’ve known this for about 7 years when I was assigned a fashion project on Yves Saint Laurent in college and fell in love. So, it’s safe to say that I’m a woman who believes in the power of a good suit. Now that my favorite color pink is all in style and everything, my dream has come true. A sleek pink suit is showing up in fast fashion stores for the masses to partake. And partake I shall.

I’ve been exhibiting self-control and refraining from shopping lately because, you know, bills. But I had an excursion in the city recently and, at the last minute, decided it couldn’t hurt to check my favorite store. If there was a pink suit out there anywhere to wear to my outing it would be at Zara. The night before the event, I stopped there and as if the gods of shopping had heard my inner thoughts, there was a silky-smooth fuchsia blazer hanging on a rack that held an assortment of colorful blazers.

“Oh, there’s a pink blazer here- there must be matching pants,” I thought to myself. A focused search ensued and boom, there they were! A few sections over, the palazzo style, belted pants hung waiting to complete my suited dreams.

I finished off my look with a pair of strappy, metallic turquoise sandals, also found at none other than Zara. Finally, I ended up pairing it with a black, collared shirt I already had at home (via Uniqlo). It’s been a while since I’ve done any shopping really as my credit/debit cards have been on lock-down since returning from Europe. But sometimes, a woman just deserves a good (pink) suit.


P.S. I’m working on my self-portrait game, bear with me =p


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