New Year’s Eve 2015

As everyone has probably already said within the last month, and day, I literally cannot believe 2016 is just around the corner – a few hours away to be exact. For me, this has been an up-and-down year but I do like to think that I’ve ended on a high-note. They say if you haven’t started planning for 2016 already then you are behind. Well, I already have plans in the works to travel (live, actually) abroad in the coming months, working on a third writing gig with a cool new website and have started to get my “hustle” on in NYC by finding different ways to make money (nothing illegal, folks).

I’ve had some amazing moments this year, one of my highlights definitely being spending my 25th birthday in Spain.


Then, there were also sad moments like my granddaddy passing away shortly after Thanksgiving but the upside to that was spending time with family and friends that I had not seen in years.

RIP Granddaddy, Willie Taylor Jr.

RIP Granddaddy, Willie Taylor Jr.


From L to R: Cousin Mikelle, sister Krissy, Me, Cousin Kyerra, Cousin Nurah

Another one of my favorite memories was just this past Christmas, where I was blessed enough to have the rare opportunity to see both of my parents over the holiday. We went through loads of old-school pics, caught up, laughed and played with my niece and little cousins. It made me realize how much I miss family and just exactly where I come from. NYC can make you feel so siloed and being around the better majority of my family was a necessary reminder that I’m not alone and never too far from people that love me (sappy, I know).

Cheers to the past and to beginning a Happy New Year with all of your family and friends. I look forward to continuing my blog, traveling and spending more time with family and friends. Simple resolutions that I can’t wait to begin.


PIECES: Black Button-down, Uniqlo; Jeans, Paige Denim; Clutch & Hat, American Apparel; Coat and Fur, Vintage

December 21, 2015
January 6, 2016


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