Minimalism and Fringe

So, today was another one of those days where I got up proclaiming “I have nothing to wear! I’m tired of my clothes,” and so on, and so forth. It really is quite bratty to think that way, when there are millions of people around the world with less than a fraction of the clothing, shoe and accessory tornado that has taken over my room for years. On the other hand, it is somewhat true because of the fact that I’ve turned into a slight minimalist over the last couple of years. I find myself wearing the same select pieces each month, and when I do buy new clothes (which I’ve refrained from greatly in the last few months, go me!) it is always something simple, minimal and that I can see melding with my neutral-toned wardrobe.

Then, why is it so hard to get rid of the clothes that I’ve stared at in my drawer and closet for years? I mean, I still have stuff from freshman year of college (2008) if you can believe it. 2008! Even writing it is a shocker, because why on earth should a piece of clothing be a part of my wardrobe almost a decade later unless it’s a Swarovski crystal embossed bodysuit that Beyoncé wore during a Grammy performance or something.  I’ve refused to let certain items go on the basis that it is “super cute,” or “still fits,” or “can match with..” and any other excuse that has enabled me to house a small boutique’s worth of items. In addition, the notion that I do have enough clothes for a small boutique inspires me to get on my entrepreneurial game and sell the clothes myself, via an App of some sort which is sometimes successful.

With the New Year approaching and my minimalist lifestyle seeping in more and more, I have a feverish desire to PURGE the hell out of my closet. I want to try a challenge where everyday, I donate, sell or get rid of at least ONE item of clothing. Just one. Sounds simple right? Pssht, probably not for me. But I’m determined to try. One good thing about having all these clothes is I have gotten myself to a point where I refuse to do a major shopping trip knowing that I have nowhere to fit new clothes and have a back-up of old pieces to deal with.

Don’t get me wrong some pieces truly are life-long items to cherish and keep, even simply for the memories. But for the most part, a clean and curated closet will take you much farther and offer a sleeker wardrobe than holding onto unnecessary items.

Let’s see how I do on this journey. I can’t wait to clean house!


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December 31, 2015
February 12, 2016


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