Curaçao: Local Dining + My Fake Marriage

What Did I Eat?

Our second day there, we stopped by one of our new ‘favorite’ bars we had discovered (stay tuned for a more detailed guide) and had a quick little shoot by a bright, green wall that I thought would complement Gabby so perfectly…see for yourself…


But really, Gabby and I were on the hunt for good, local food while in Curaçao and after asking for suggestions from our new friend Ricardo, we found plenty of it at both the floating market, for fresh produce, and Plaza Bieu, for local cuisine (which also has a Trip Advisor excellence rating BTW).

The floating market can be found quite simply via a stroll along the water in Punda, with local fishermen and produce traders selling fresh bananas, pineapples, coconuts, tangerines, melons, passionfruit- need I go on? We picked out a few favorites to last us through the trip (which didn’t actually happen because we forgot them in the car in our excitement on the beach all day, another oops lol). But outside of sweet, juicy fruits we really found some good grub at Plaza Bieu- the community food market known for its exquisite, savory local cuisine.

I had in mind somewhat of a specific meal- fresh fish, cooked with delicious spices and served with rice and beans and plantains. Found it! On the other hand, Gabby tried “jambo,” Curaçao’s version of Gumbo in which the main difference is the texture; Jambo is served very slimy and thick (seriously, that’s even how the natives describe it). I did have a small bite and it was tasty just like gumbo but I know I could not personally stomach an entire bowl. Gabby braved it though, and loved it, but towards the end she did utter, ‘I think the texture is getting to me now…’


The Floating Market in Punda

floating marketfloating marketDSC_0781DSC_0841

Lunch at Plaza Bieu


 Remember how I mentioned people thought we were married?

Here is the pic that started all the controversy…I posted a silly caption with it “,told a few people we had just gotten married so I guess this qualifies as our wedding photo =p” and boy, did that take on a life of its own. People really believed it! Haha. Sorry for any confusion but if Gabrielle were my wife, she’s a totally beautiful one, am I right? =)

August 30, 2016



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    August 28, 2016

    Beautiful colorful photos of all the yummy foods in Curaçao! You two look great!

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      Nia G.

      August 29, 2016

      Aww, thanks Jey!

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