Bermudian Birthday: 27th Edition

Another orbit around the sun has come and gone. And the universe moved in my life with a force this year. Last year, I celebrated my 26th birthday in Morocco and felt like I had grown so much. And this year, as I celebrated my 27th in Bermuda on May 27 (a golden birthday, they call it), I learned I still have so much growing to do.

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In Hamilton, Bermuda wearing an American Apparel Bodysuit and Zara metallic sandals and choker.

They say it’s golden when your birthdate number and the age you are turning are the same. A golden birthday is quite fitting I believe. My life had been a whirlwind for the past few months, year even; In review: I’d traveled the world! From Morocco to Curaçao to a 3-month excursion in Europe, including a stint as an Au Pair, it’s safe to say my agenda was packed. I nearly ran out of money on said trip but returned to my home base in Brooklyn on the last day of January with a renewed mind. The journey had allowed me to get reenergized and refocused to remember what I was here for and to keep going after my visions.

eclectic culture, nia groce, birthday, birthday trip, birthday travels

In Hamilton Bermuda, poetry was written all down these colorful steps.

I started grinding and hustling like crazy to make money and to find a full-time job. In February, I freelanced for New York Fashion Week and began looking for serving gigs as interim money but after three months of being back, my savings were totally drained. What was I to do?

I had finally found a serving gig after two months but still no FT job in my field of fashion. I was frustrated. Waitressing couldn’t be my forever calling! I quit my last FT fashion job two years prior, knowing that I needed to find a position within the field that truly makes me happy and decided that I would have to step out on faith to see my dreams come to pass. But two years, one year and nine months to be exact, of searching, applying, interviewing and e-mailing for job after job in NYC had worn me. Ask anyone who does it out here in the concrete jungle can attest.

eclectic culture, nia groce, birthday, birthday trip, birthday travels

Getting my tan on at Horseshoe Bay Beach in Bermuda.

My bank account was down to not even having close to May’s rent two weeks before being due which led me to an emotional and passionate conversation with God. I asked, demanded really, for Him to show up in my life. And just like that, He did. God’s timing is perfect because I was down to nothing and emotionally drained but something inside would not let me give up on my dreams.

I decided to re-strategize and started seriously looking for the next city to move to. Luckily, after filing my taxes super last minute, for fear of what I owed, I found out my tax return would be enough to cover May’s rent and just a bit left over to eat. Thank God, I thought. Since I wasn’t finding a full-time job still, I decided to just take on lots of waitressing shifts until I could save enough money to move to a new, more affordable city.

I figured, I would move there within a few months, keep writing and start fresh looking for a fashion publication to break into. Until one day in late April when I landed a golden interview. An interview where I felt the energy and universe moving and just knew the position could be perfect for me. That interview turned into another, then another and, yet, another. Until it turned into an official offer in early May! And just like that, God said you’re not finished pursuing your dreams in New York just yet.

eclectic culture, nia groce, birthday, birthday trip, birthday travels

Wearing a Zara swimsuit and Aldo sunglasses at Horseshoe Bay Beach, Bermuda.

And shortly after, I was off to vacation in Bermuda. Well, with the help of my good ole credit card until my funds were back up from working that is. I couldn’t miss my annual birthday trip, though and certainly not my golden one which started on such a high note.




nia groce, eclectic culture, birthday, birthday trip, birthday travels

27th Birthday trip in Bermuda. 


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