The Return of the Sequin Shirt

It’s back again. This sequin bell-sleeved number that is. This baby has taken me from Paris to Prague to Rome and New York and it has always been just the touch my outfit called for. And imagine, I found the sparkly shirt on sale at Zara for like less than $20 (it was in Paris where I found it and I can’t remember the exact euros).

orange suit from zara with sequin shirt nia groce nia g

In fact, my entire outfit was Zara actually. I’m a creature of habit. An orange Zara linen suit, the same one I wore for my 25th birthday in Barcelona, was the base. I love this suit so much because it’s not only comfy but chic and fits so well.

I also added a choker — sue me. The 90s are back as we have seen and it felt like the only statement accessory really necessary. Last but not least, I wore one of my favorite pairs of shoes from the brand which are black chic sandals  — always a classic choice.

Would you try a linen suit with sequins? Let me know.


September 22, 2017


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